Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Colorado Who Specializes in Dog Bite Cases

A lot of personal injury claims in Colorado stem from dog bites. Those who have been bitten by someone else’s dog need Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys to guide them through the process of holding the owner of the dog liable. These lawyers handle serious claims for those who suffered serious injuries that result from dog bites. 

Strict Liability Dog Bite Laws in Colorado

A lot of states, including Colorado, have enacted “dog bite” statutes that offer specific rules for dog bite cases. The majority of these statutes create strict liability for dog bites. This liability means that the defendant is held liable if a certain event happens, no matter if they could have done something to prevent the event. 

Typically, strict liability dog bite statute means the defendant is liable for the dog bite if the plaintiff was legally allowed to be where they got bitten by the dog and did not provoke the dog. The statute may also apply to bites that took place on public property while others apply to domestic dog attacks in general. 

Hiring a Lawyer Who Specializes in Dog Bite Cases

Most people don’t hire a lawyer because of the cost. But, in terms of dog bite injury claims, lawyers work on a contingency basis. Thus, the victim doesn’t pay the lawyer unless they succeed with the claim and get compensation for their client. Aside from this benefit, victims of dog bites who hire a personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases get a skilled negotiator on their side. Most insurance companies offer unreasonable settlement amounts. An attorney knows how to negotiate with the insurance company and is experienced in handling these kinds of cases. Also, they are knowledgeable of the state’s dog bite laws and up-to-date on any legislation that impacts do bite statutes. 

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