How to hire a Tucson auto accident attorney? 

If you were injured in a car accident in Tucson, your immediate step should be about calling 911. Wait until the investigating officer is done with the job, and don’t admit fault. If you are not seriously injured, take photos of the accident scene and gather contact details of other drivers and witnesses. The next immediate step is to seek legal representation. In this post, we are sharing more on how to hire the right Tucson auto accident attorney

Schedule a meeting

Most law firms handling personal injury and car accident cases in Tucson and Arizona offer free consultation. Meeting an accident attorney is important, because you can expect a fair assessment of your case. They can help you with the insurance claim and guide on things like establishing fault. Your attorney can also give a more practical idea of you can expect in compensation. 

Experience counts

Make sure that you hire an attorney with experience. Ask questions like – 

  1. How long have you been working as an accident attorney in Tucson?
  2. What are some of your landmark cases?
  3. What do you think of my case?
  4. What’s the highest settlement that you have got for a client?
  5. Can you share a few references?
  6. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to auto accident claims and cases?
  7. Have you handled a case that is comparable to mine?
  8. If yes, what was the outcome of that?
  9. What percentage of your car accident lawsuits end up in trial?
  10. How frequently do you represent clients at trial?

The good part is most car accident cases are settled through negotiation. An out-of-court settlement is desirable for everyone involved, because trials can drag, besides being expensive. Your accident attorney needs to have experience of both out-of-court settlements and trial. 

The fee

Usually, accident attorneys in Arizona work on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer doesn’t get paid if they don’t win a settlement. The contingency fee is a part of the settlement, typically between 25% and 40%. Ask the attorney if they can advance other expenses related to the case on your behalf. Don’t shy away from discussing your financial status, so that you can be prepared for any expenses coming your way. 

Finally, do check if the concerned car accident attorney has good reviews. Client reviews can be handy when you wish to compare your options, and you can easily find testimonials and reviews on Google. Hire a lawyer soon after your accident. 

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