Providing high value in pricing rates

Consumers want the best value for money. And that math does not change if you run a business. Toofl, an order fulfillment provider that works with entrepreneurs, and small and large business owners to get their products to consumers, offers peerless value.

How do we know this?

A look at Toofl, fulfillment service companies, Rakuten Super Logistics, Fulfillify, and Shipmonk, shows these companies have differences in pricing of services.

While some companies make the billing process complex and hard to fathom, Toofl, which is owned by L7 LTD, is transparent. It makes sure that clients know the upfront estimated price for order fulfillment services. But the company does not stop there, offering service plans customized for each business customer.

The differences

Toofl uses Artificial Intelligence software to calculate costs for clients to do business with the company. It also utilizes the software to calculate the advantages of paying based on a unit order or a subscription plan. The option selected accounts for sales volumes, business goals, industry history, future demand forecast, and budget. And it goes even further by recommending the best shipping rates and determining if a company would benefit from other perks.

At Rakuten, potential business clients must submit a “request for quote” ticket to learn the costs they will pay. Rakuten offers prices based on monthly order volume, which must be a minimum of 250 orders per month.

Long-term storage costs

Unlike some order fulfillment companies, Toofl throws in the cost of long-term storage for free. L7 LTD is the legal owner of the company’s online presence at

Fulfillify and Rakuten, however, charge for long-term storage. The product storage fee at Fulfillify for pallets of product stored in a warehouse is $12.50 per pallet. Potential clients can find out the cost for storage at Rakuten after submitting a request for a quote. At Shipmonk, the storage fee is set based on size, quantity, and turnover rate. Products stored in a small bin cost $1 a month; $20 a month for storage on a pallet.

Cost of shipping

Toofl offers flexible and customizable plans based on the needs of each business client. The company has low-cost shipping options for clients.

At Rakuten, customers must request quotes to figure out the hit to their budgets to ship items. The order fulfillment provider uses advanced analytics to estimate the cheapest delivery route. One bonus is that clients save $2.36 on shipping cost per order.


Toofl offers a lot of freebies. They include:

  • Free setup and onboarding
  • Pay-as-you-go service
  • Free shopping cart integration
  • Free returns management
  • Free standard packaging
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Free order management

For overseas shipping, Toofl does not charge business clients when they sign up for service; but clients must pay as they go. There are discounts on bulk orders, a free price discovery tool, free returns management, and free standard packaging.

Shipmonk also has some free offers. It does not charge for receiving inventory as long as the business client meets set criteria. However, it costs $2.50 per carton with fewer than five units are in that carton. Products that arrive on pallets are free from a receiving fee, but there is a fee if the cargo must be taken off the delivery vehicle and placed on pallets. The size will determine the cost.


The flexible and customized plans Toofl offers, and an impressive list of free add-ons, recommend this company as a great partner for business clients looking for pricing value.