Some Safety Carbide Cutting Tool Tips That You Could Use At Home

Sophisticated carbide cutting tools and technologies are intended and produced to survive the high cutting temperature and pressure as they are prone to fragmentation in operations. Especially if they are over-stressed, exposed to heavy toll, or otherwise misused.

As a result, workers and equipment should be sufficiently protected from such hazards.

Precautions And Safety Tips When Working With Carbide Cutting Tools

  1. Use a rag to handle sharp cutters.
  2. Choose the appropriate cutting speeds, rpm, and feed rate for the project.
  3. Always keep your hands away from the rotating cutter.
  4. Avoid touching the metal chips with your hands. Brush metal chips away from the cutter.
  5. Vacuum or sweep it up instead of blowing trash with an air hose after cutting.
  6. After the task is done, turn off any automated feeds.
  7. Due to the high specific gravities of carbide cutting tools, you should handle large items or huge quantities with caution.
  8. Carbide cutting tools have a different thermal expansion than metal cutting tools.  As a result, shattering may happen if the temperature for cooling-fit or shrink-fit materials is marginally higher or lower than the prescribed temperature.
  9. Carbide cutting tools will undergo degradation if they are corroded by cutting fluid, lubricating chemicals, or other moisture. It’s essential to keep an eye on the storage conditions.
  10. Carbide cutting tools tend to lose durability because of surface conditions. For better results, always finish with a diamond grinder.
  11. Dust or mists (smoke) form when heated or grinding carbide cutting tools. It might cause harm to the body if a large amount is inhaled, ingested, or comes into contact with eyes or skin. Consider using controlled ventilation and a mask, eyewear, and gloves during machining to protect yourself from dust or mist that might go into your eyes or lungs. Furthermore, if the dust or other particles come into touch with your hands, properly wash them with water and soap.
  12. You should not drink or eat in the workplace, and you should wash your hands regularly.
  13. The best way to remove dust from clothing is to vacuum or wash the garments in a washing machine, not scrub them with your hands.
  14. It has been claimed that if the cobalt in the cutting tools is handled frequently or for an extended amount of time, it may harm the skin, respiratory organs, and heart, etc. Thus, handle these tools with protective gear.

Put Your Safety First With Suncoast Precision Tools

Suncoast Precision Tools believes that workplace safety is critical. With the proper knowledge, carbide cutting tool workers can safely use the most modern, productive machines on the market. Reach out to us at Suncoast Precision Tools for additional information on the safety features of any of our carbide cutting tools, as well as the various products we provide.

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