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what does liv mean in football

What number is Liv?

What number is LIV? 54. L is 50, V is five, and I is one, but it’s listed as “LIV” because “IV” is read as one less than five. So why does the NFL use Roman numerals at all? It would be confusing if you thought about Sunday’s game as Super Bowl 2020 when it’s deciding the 2019 championship. So this is an easier way to do it. And the history?

What is Liv golf?

Video: What Is LIV Golf? While the name LIV may seem like an acronym, it was actually chosen because it's the Roman numeral for 54. But why is that important? Speaking to Sports Illustrated, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman explained there are two reasons behind the significance of the number.

Is 'Liv' an acronym?

So, with the Series likely to continue shaking up the game for the foreseeable future, we now know that not only is the "LIV" part of the name not an acronym, it actually represents a crucial aspect of the Series that Norman hopes will help it prosper in the years to come.

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