Who In Their Right Mind Would Invest In SEO???

In a world where online searching is ubiquitous, techniques such as search engine optimization or SEO enjoy great popularity. And rightly so, because SEO connects online surfers with websites containing the solution to their problems, answers to their queries, and provides the information they came looking for. 

But is SEO worth the money?

With continuous updates in the search algorithm and the rise of paid search engine marketing like Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads, many people are often seen doubting the value of investing in an SEO online marketing strategy.  

While it is true that paid ads now occupy a significant portion of the search engine results pages, and websites ranking organically through SEO have been pushed below the second or third position. It is worth noting that organically ranking websites are said to earn more clicks than paid ads. Why? Because people seem to trust Google’s organic rankings more than the paid ones. 

Apart from earning more clicks, SEO online marketing techniques help a website rank higher. With a higher rank comes greater visibility and better reach. This means SEO is quite capable of yielding some advertisement benefits without the additional cost. 

When a website earns greater visibility, it sees more traffic. And with SEO, the website does not just see random visitors but interacts with people interested in what the website sells. That’s because SEO optimizes a website around certain key phrases, which helps a website rank for relevant searches and hence reach the audience it was meant to target. 

It is perhaps these benefits of SEO that have not only preserved its value but have contributed to a rise in its demand as more and more businesses go online and the number of people surfing the internet increases. 

Landau Consulting, an internet marketing company in NJ, provides consulting in internet marketing and SEO services and has taken a satirical approach in this infographic, listing some of the most obvious benefits of SEO

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