H-1B visa requirements at a glance: Things worth knowing!

H-1B visa is the primary work visa for foreign professionals who want to work in the United States. This is an employer-sponsored visa, which means that the prospective employee should have a job offer from an employer in the US. Applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the concerned field, and the employer must prove that qualified US citizens are not available for the same job. Expectedly, the whole H-1B visa process is complicated and cumbersome for both employees and employers. If you don’t want to deal with the complications, your best bet is to hire a Dallas H-1B Visa attorney. In this post, we are sharing more on the requirements for H-1B visa. 

Knowing the cap

The annual cap for H-1B visas in the US is 65,000, and in addition to that, additional 20,000 visas are available for applicants who have completed their master’s degree from a university in the US. The cap and norms may change and the regulations are set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The initial approval for H-1B visa is 3 years and cannot exceed 6 years. 

Knowing the process

  • The applicant must qualify for H-1B visa criteria
  • Employer needs to get an approval from the Department of Labor (Labor Condition Application (LCA))
  • The employer in the US should file for an H-1B petition with USCIS. This can take a few months, but a premium processing option is available. 
  • The worker must apply for an H-1B visa and get stamping from his/her country from the applicable US consulate.  

The H-1B Visa is subject to approval, and all the necessary documentation must be duly completed. Any mistake in the paperwork may mean having the petition rejected. 

Call an attorney

If you don’t know what it takes to go through the visa process, we strongly suggest that you contact an attorney who knows the ins and outs of H-1B Visa. The whole process of applying and getting through the H-1B Visa is time sensitive, and it makes sense to get help, so that no mistake affects the process. A good visa attorney will ensure that the employer completes the paperwork as expected, and the prospective employee has all the support needed to do their part of the approval process. 

Check online for the best H-1B Visa attorneys in Dallas and seek their advice on how your company can acquire foreign professionals while remaining compliant and completing necessary norms. 

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