Before knowing what Asbestos survey you need you first need to know what asbestosis and what asbestos survey is. Asbestos is a hazardous material that can be found in old homes and buildings. It was used all over the world commercially until it was stated as a high priority risk material by the Environment protection agencies in many countries including the USA, UK, and Australia. In the UK however asbestos is the main material involved in the deaths of works in construction sites. The three common types of asbestos are,

  • Chrysolite
  • Amosite
  • Crocidolite

Asbestos Survey is a special survey to locate asbestos in a premise and also identify the condition of the asbestos. It is like building inspection more scientifically. 


Asbestos surveys vary according to the site where ae is conducted by the law. There are mainly three types of asbestos surveys. And by knowing these types you will be able to understand what sort of asbestos surveys you need. These are,

  • Management asbestos surveys

You must be wondering what an asbestos management survey is. So, the asbestos management survey is categorized as a standard sampling survey. It includes the inspection of all the area of your property that needs to be inspected.And it is a non-intrusive and non-destructive sampling survey. So, this survey is done to prove or disprove whether a material itself contains asbestos or not. It is highly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive HSE that you cast the accredited surveyors mainly because they have all the knowledge and experience and they know what they are doing.  

  • Refurbishment asbestos surveys

The second type of survey is the refurbishment asbestos surveys. Now, these surveys are intrusive and are designed to inspect all elements of the building where you plan to do the refreshment works, and by their very nature, they will cause damage to the building because the point is to get in the areas where you are planning to do certain work. This may be ceiling voids, wall voids, or even floor voices and the biggest problem or challenge of this type of survey is that you have to get on-site premises that might be completely occupied. And the surveyors then have to find all the specimens in the building maintaining all the occupancy. 

  • Demolition asbestos surveys

In asbestos demolition surveys, you need to identify all the asbestos-containing materials at the sites so it’s a fully destructive and intrusive survey type. And this means that the building has to have a lot of damage undertaken. All the floorboards, ceiling boards, and wall voids are opened up to identify if there’s any asbestos-containing material present. This type of survey sounds dangerous as it involves so much chaos, but it is important and very common. 

You can now look for yourself what sort of survey you are needing. Mostly home surveys are management surveys. But construction site surveys are refurbishment and demolition surveys. 


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