Pros Of Having A Cross-Draw Holster

Best Cross-Draw Holsters (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 - Task & PurposeHow cross-draw holsters are different from other holsters

OWB and IWB are the most popular cross-draw holsters. Among them, OWB cross-draw holster is the most used. There is a wide range of holsters available in the market. They mainly differ according to the difference in the cant, accessibility of the product, thumb break, material used, etc… People get to choose the cross-draw holster according to their situations. 

So, you always have to keep in mind what is your purpose of carrying the weapon when selecting the holster for your weapon. If you are someone who is involved in a seated job, then cross-draw holsters are more preferred than any other holsters. 

For a seated job, it is preferred to use a holster that gives a more canted version. With a cross-draw holster, you can easily use your gun with your index finger, even in a seated position. You can also use the cross-draw holsters if you are planning to have good concealment for your weapon. 

If you are using the IWB cross-draw holster, then you don’t have to use any coat flips while drawing the weapon from the holster. IWB cross-draw holsters allow deep concealment of the weapon. Even though IWB cross-draw holsters are not the most used cross-draw holsters, they are still popular because of their style.  

IWB cross-draw holsters have a large number of followers because of the stylish concealment it allows for the weapon. There are various methods used for drawing the weapon from the holsters. Getting a proper grip on the handgun is a very crucial point while using them. 

Cross-draw holsters can be easily used for drawing the weapon and gives a good grip if used with the dominant side. The main thing involved in using holsters is practice. No matter what type of holster you are using for your handgun, you should have proper practice if you want to take out your handgun properly from your holster. 

If you are planning to get a cross-draw holster, it is better to go for a custom-made one. Each handgun has its own features. With customization and a lot of practice, it will be easy to use the cross-draw holsters. If you can follow the proper steps for drawing out the handgun from your holster, then it will be easy for using the holster. If you are using a concealed weapon, uncover the holster first. Try to do it with your non-dominant hand. Make sure to move out of the way while you are uncovering the holster. If you are not using a concealed weapon, then use your dominant hand for drawing the gun.  

Stand in the firing position after taking out your handgun from the holster. Make sure to keep an eye on the surroundings too. Step out with your dominant foot so that you can be in a proper position for firing.  Aim on the target with your dominant eye. While carrying the handgun, it is better to use both your hands for aiming at the target. While aiming for the target, make sure that your triggering fingers are on the trigger. 


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