The Guide to Filling Your Parker Pen: Types of Sizes and Alternatives

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Are you curious about refills for Parker pens? You might also be interested in finding a cheaper and more pocket-friendly choice or option. It might interest you to find out if a refill with a sharper tip is available in the market.

This guide will show you in detail how to use the different sizes and styles that Parker has available for refilling your writing instruments.

  1. Parker Gel Refills

Although it may seem confusing and a bit surprising at first, Parker also offers a gel refill for the Parker Quink ballpoint pen. However, the Parker Quink pen doesn’t have the gel ink. You can find out which pen you should buy: a roller ball, gel, or a ballpoint.

Parker ballpoint pens all have the ability to use the Parker gel refill. The medium tip measures 0.7 millimeters and has a black barrel. You can also get it with blue or red ink.

The 2021 Parker trade catalog also contains information about the “New Gel Economy Fill.” This refill comes with a blue barrel and a 0.7 mm tip. It is not clear how this refill differs from the black barreled gel fill, even though it comes with either blue or black ink.

You can find the best parker style refill that will work with your Parker gel pen in the section labeled “Parker Style refills.”

  1. Parker Jotter Replacements


Parker Jotters can be used with any Parker ballpoint pen or gel ink refill. If you need a wider range of colors, the standard G2 refills for Parker Jotters will work. These can be found in the section dedicated to Parker Style pen refills.

  1. Parker Pen Refill Dimension


A Parker ballpoint pen refill measures 98.1 millimeters in length, its diameter is 5.8 millimeters and its front section is 23.2 millimeters. These dimensions are compatible with the G2 pen refill size, which is specified in ISO standard 125757.

Parker rollerball refills measure 115 millimeters in length, with a diameter of 7.7 millimeters and a tip section of 15 millimeters. These refills can only be used for refilling Parker rollerball pen pens and are custom-sized.

  1. Parker 5thRefills

The fifth generation of Parker’s technological pen was released in the year 2012. The Ingenuity pen received a great deal of press, and its manufacturer, Parker, made bold claims about how it would “revolutionize how you put pen to paper.” In connection with the launch of their brand-new Ingenuity writing curriculum, this was carried out. The barrels of the pens were constructed of metal, and the tips were made of polypropylene, yet they were flexible.

By the year 2020, they had removed all references to the 5th Pens from both their product catalog and their website.

There is still the possibility of purchasing refills. Customers have the choice of purchasing pens with either a medium or fine tip, as well as black or blue ink when they make their purchases.


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