A sense of organization when you make banners online

Brands are facing Internet users much more difficult to conquer, as the web has so many ads that they are already “trained” and much more demanding. With the internet infested with promotional banners and, for the most part, of low quality, it is normal for the public to see them negatively and no longer attract attention.

Compress the images

Everything you do on the internet needs to be loaded quickly so as not to frustrate the visitor. When things take a while to load, you lose a possible sale. The same rule applies to your Banner.

The best way to make your ad load quickly is to compress it. But this must be done so that it does not lose quality or is as small as possible. Otherwise, the third tip will fail, and successful banners cannot fail. Compressing your images can be done through online tools. I will link to 3 sites that maintain the highest quality of art possible after this process.

Keep the elements well aligned.

Nothing more disheartening than something messy. A sense of organization when you make banners online (membuat banner online which is the term in Thai) says that when things are aligned, they convey more responsibility, which is excellent for any business. So, try to keep the Banner elements always well aligned; use guidelines if you create the artwork in Photoshop; if you use another tool, it may have a grid to help you.

Also, be careful with the spacing between each element; they mustn’t be too close to hinder the reading or interpretation of the images. It is recommended that you use at least a 20px distance between one element and another.

Try to vary the text, as the most vital parts of your Banner are the title and the call to action.

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