HOA management in Phoenix: Signs that outsourcing is necessary

There are numerous benefits of HOA living. In Arizona, more buyers are willing to pay more for homes and properties that are managed by homeowners’ associations. HOA properties often have better resale value, besides enhanced community experience. Many of these homeowners’ associations in Phoenix now have agencies for regular management. These are local companies that help HOAs run better and efficiently, while focusing on key aspects like financial planning. If you are a board member of your association and are wondering if hiring one of Phoenix HOA management companies would be a wise idea, check the signs below!

  1. Issues with financial management. HOAs are often managed by residents, who don’t have the experience or expertise to handle financial matters. If you see there has been a change in charges, or the HOA funds are not being used effectively and judiciously, it is time to outsource. HOAs often deal with massive expenditures and incomes, and when discrepancies become evident, outsourcing is the best choice. 
  2. When there are evident conflicts. Enforcing community rules and regulations is rarely easy for the HOA management team. It often means taking tough stance when needed, and over a period of time, such issues can strain relationships and impact social life. When conflicts are evident and the existing HOA management team cannot come with tangible solutions, allowing an agency to take over is ideal. These agencies are unbiased and can be objective with decisions. They play by the rulebook of the HOA and overall regulations and laws. 
  3. When the community is in bad shape. One of the key tasks in HOA management is maintenance and upkeep. Residents and owners expect to have access to all facilities and amenities of the community, and that’s the responsibility of the HOA. If the current management team cannot handle these basic issues, it’s time to outsource to an agency that knows every aspect of HOA management.  

Not all companies in Phoenix are the same, or offer same HOA management services. Some are definitely more comprehensive and ensure that clients get all the support they need. If you are hiring a company for your homeowners’ association, check if they are experienced and have a good name in the local market. Don’t shy away from asking questions related to their work profile and what they can specifically do for your HOA. Experience and expertise are key factors for selecting an HOA management company. 

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