Tips for getting the best domestic helper

You have just approached an 僱傭中心 and brought home a total stranger to be with your family for the next two years. She will be working for you, operating appliances in your household, prepare your meals, and take care of your family. She is likely coming from a foreign country with a different religion, culture, and speaks in a different native language.

With the above, it is a scenario that can be a recipe for strained relationships. But that is what you should expect when you go hiring a foreign domestic helper. The good thing is that there are things that you can adhere to and come up with a tremendous employee-employer relationship even if from the start, she is not perfect.

Understand your obligation as an employer

To have a harmonious relationship with your foreign employee is to ensure that you understand your obligations. You will need to provide for them with reasonable accommodation and give them reasonable hours for working and ensure they have a weekly day to rest. In case she does not want to go for her rest days, you have to compensate her adequately for the same. You will need to pay her monthly pay.

You have to provide a safe working environment that is productive and fair. As an employer, you are responsible for the domestic helper’s welfare, and you have to get for her enough insurance cover.  You can get an insurance cover that will take care of personal accidents, surgical expenses, hospitalization, and expenses for repatriation just in case of death. 

As an employer, you can avoid potential expenses and costs like termination and rehiring fees and levy and wage reimbursement through insurance. 

Set reasonable and clear expectations when it comes to tasks

It is good to come up with targets and work plans. It is what align people and make them be on the same page. It is a practice that is good to ensure you have expectations that are clear for your domestic worker. 

To avoid any ambiguity, you will need to have a timetable or a list of tasks that the employee has to accomplish daily and allow how to plan how she is going to handle them. When setting duties and expectations, you need to know that there are maids who are not familiar with some modern appliances, and thus, you have to introduce how to use them.

Some first-time foreign domestic workers might have never stayed in a house as big as yours. If that is the case, you will need to ensure that you be patient with them and allow them time to learn and adapt everything. Once you teach them, they will not forget, and it will help them in their next job search as they will have the experience required. 

With the above tips, if followed correctly, you will have an excellent employer-employee relationship with your foreign employee.All in all, you will have to pick your 僱傭中心wisely.

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