Who is Anatoly Knyazev of EXANTE?

Learning about who founded a brokerage firm can provide valuable insight into what the firm stands for and its values, as well as its technological capabilities. It can also have an impact on the firm’s culture and overall approach to business. This is something that perhaps not many traders consider when evaluating brokerages and deciding on which one to work with. In addition, learning about the founders of a brokerage firm can help you assess its reputation and credibility. If the founders are well-respected within the industry, it can be a positive sign that the firm is trustworthy.

In this article, we will look at Anatoly Knyazev of EXANTE. We will provide an overview of his strengths and leadership style, as well as his interests outside of managing EXANTE.

So, who is Anatoly Knyazev?

Anatoly Knyazev is the co-founder and managing partner of EXANTE, a European brokerage firm that provides online trading services with a product portfolio of over 600,000 financial instruments, including stocks, futures, options, forex, and bonds. Knyazev founded EXANTE in 2011 in Malta, alongside his peers Alexey Kirienko and Gatis Eglitis. The three of them decided to collaborate and establish EXANTE from their shared strong interest in creating a brokerage firm that will have robust technology and can provide a strong trading environment for traders regardless of their skill level.

Knyazev is a well-known figure in the financial industry, as an expert in algorithmic trading and an experienced trading software developer. He studied mathematics at university and developed an interest in computer science during those years, which led him to software development. Deciding to cross-utilise his skills in the financial field and in computer science,he has developed several proprietary trading strategies over the years that are used by EXANTE and its clients.

Under Knyazev’s leadership, EXANTE has become one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Europe. It has received numerous awards in the trading and investment sphere, many for its innovative trading platform and customer support. Recently, EXANTE was named the Best Trading and Invesment Solution Provider as well as the Fastest Growing Multi-Asset Broker in the UK in 2023, by Gazet International Magazine, a platform that surveys the latest trends in finance and business.

Knyazev is also a vocal advocate of large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency and the use of blockchain technology. This is reflected in EXANTE’s early adoption of cryptocurrency as a tradable asset class, being one of the first firms to offer trading in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It has since expanded its crypto offering to include a range of other digital currencies. Knyazev has also been invited to – and attended – numerous international conferences to discuss the development of cryptocurrency and its prospects.

What does this mean for EXANTE?

Knowing this information about Anatoly Knyazev gives us greater insight into EXANTE’s culture and values as a brokerage firm. EXANTE is regulated by the MFSA (Malta), the SFC (Hong Kong), the FCA (the United Kingdom), and the CySEC (Cyprus). It is known for its dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit, a reflection to Knayzev’s own, and it offers its clients an innovative and flexible approach to trading with superior technology and a diverse range of assets of over 600,000 instruments. The broker prioritises transparency, security, and reliability in trade execution, and it works closely and carefully with in-house software developers – including Knayzev – to improve product development and embrace new technologies, particularly in relation to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

As Knayzev used to be a trader himself, EXANTE has a strong understanding of the importance of user experience and customer support. The broker prioritises client satisfaction and places an emphasis on platform and interface customisation and personalisation. The broker is also committed to client satisfaction, and it has won awards in the past for its dedication. For example, EXANTE was the recipient – for the second consecutive year – of one of the honours of the Financial Times Diversity Awards, winning Product or Service of the Year in 2023.

Overall, EXANTE’s values and culture are centred around innovation and transparency under Knyazev’s leadership and guidance. The company has a strong record of success and commitment to client satisfaction, and it is no wonder that it is one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Europe. At the time of writing, EXANTE has over $2 billion in total AUM.

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