Three Ways Insurance Companies May Try to Devalue Your Car Accident Claim

Insurance companies will always want to protect their bottom line when they deal with claims from accident victims. They may put blame on you or argue that your injury did not result from the crash. If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, you should talk Los Angeles car accident attorneys to know your options. Keep reading to know how insurance companies may try to protect their interests as they handle your insurance claim:

They Will Attack Your Character

A lot of insurance claim adjusters may seem friendly when they approach you during the claim process. They will try to encourage you to trust them, so you could say something that could not benefit your claim. But, if you don’t fall for it, they will start to attack your character, especially when you face them in the courtroom. Claims adjusters may argue that you contributed to the crash. For instance, they may allege that you were drunk, did not maintain your car properly, or that you were distracted when the accident happened.  

They Will Ask Some Questions

Representatives from the insurance company usually ask some questions that can easily damage your claim. You should be mindful of what you will share with them and just stick to the facts. In general, you should let your attorney handle all communication with the insurer to preserve your claim. 

They Will Link Your Injury to a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Insurance claims adjusters may also argue your injury is a pre-existing condition. Just because you have a pre-existing condition does not mean you can’t pursue compensation. Your attorney will help you prove you sustained an injury that has nothing to do with this condition. The adjusters will get you to sign a medical release so they can have access to your medical history that would lead them to information regarding your pre-existing condition. Once you get contacted by an adjuster, provide only basic information and tell them to make further inquiries through your injury lawyer. 

If you have injuries because of a car accident and think that the insurance carrier is blaming you for the crash, you must seek the services of a qualified personal injury attorney. A great lawyer knows the common tactics used by insurance companies to try to unfairly minimize the claim of accident victims. Once your lawyer decides you have a case, they will look for evidence to strengthen your case and ensure you get full and fair compensation from the insurance company. 

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