Utah divorce: 5 mistakes to avoid

You have decided to file for divorce and may have initiated the proceedings. The next step is to wait. Once the papers and summons have been served to your spouse, they have 21 days to respond. The court may grant more time, if your spouse lives out of the state. If your spouse doesn’t respond at all, you can get a default divorce. Of course, divorces are rarely this simple. In this post, we are sharing the mistakes to avoid during your Utah divorce. 

  1. Ignoring threats and domestic violence. If you were in a marriage, where domestic violence was recurrent, or when your spouse is threatening you after filing for divorce, you must consider seeking legal help. In such circumstances, you must consult a Sandy domestic violence lawyer, who can guide on getting a protective order, or restraining order, especially when there is imminent harm. 
  2. Dating someone. Unless your divorce has been finalized, it is wise to stay out of love. This may sound rather orthodox, but when the divorce is underway, you have to be careful, because the court will consider fault and conduct of the spouses. This is even more important when you want the custody of your kids, or your spouse is unlikely to cooperate on matters related to the divorce 
  3. Hiding assets. If you have marital property, everything will be divided equitably between you and your spouse, as per Utah laws, and this doesn’t necessarily mean equal. Do not try to hide assets, or anything that you may own. Make sure that your divorce lawyer knows of every asset and debt that you have. If you had inherited property during the course of your marriage, let your attorney know.
  4. Not hiring an attorney. You don’t need an attorney to file for divorce in Utah. However, in the real world, divorces often get complicated when warring spouses fail to come to an agreement. Even if you seem to be on acceptable terms with your spouse, make sure to hire an attorney, to protect your rights and interests. 
  5. Taking emotional decisions. Dealing with decisions during your divorce may not be easy. No matter whether you are deciding on spousal support or child custody, do not take decisions when you are emotionally charged. If you are unsure of the right thing, consider talking to your family law attorney first. 

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